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Improvement Projects

Get more out of your production processes

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Are you looking to improve the profitability of your production line, but do not have the time or resources to deliver? Our team have decades of industry experience and the right mix of skills to support you at every stage of your project.

Improvement Projects

How can we help?

We provide a comprehensive gap analysis of your current production capabilities against where you need to be. We convert the gap analysis into a realistic, practical, and structured plan to turn your vision into reality.

We can help you to identify and deliver those quick wins so you can get more out of your current line by reducing costs, compressing delivery, and boosting quality. We can help you improve capability and line capacity by identifying and testing the correct plant equipment, fully managing the project right through to hand off to production.

Our team are experts in Process Improvement and process scale-up with backgrounds in Science, Engineering and Manufacturing. We offer our knowledge and experience to help you get it right first time and on time.

The guys at PS56 made some cracking procedures which we use all the time especially with the new staff. It means I’m not on the shop floor every 10 minutes and I’ve got more time to deal with my big clients. They also helped smarten up the way we organise work so everybody knows what they are doing and things work a lot smoother. They have really helped my business and I’m looking forward to working with them again.

Michael Musson, Managing Director
UK Container Repairs

What are the benefits?

Achieve your objectives

Our targeted approach ensures efforts are focussed on delivering real, measurable and sustainable results aligned to your company goals.

Detailed process insight

Taking a systematic and structured approach, we produce a comprehensive gap analysis of your operations. This analysis provides you with thorough insight into your processes and operations.

Deliverable project plan

A project plan ready to go, specifically designed to achieve your objectives. Structured into standalone work packages that deliver measurable and sustainable change.

Improved profitability

We employ Lean Manufacturing techniques to remove waste and improve flow, resulting in a more efficient, balanced and profitable line.

Improved product quality

With Six Sigma you can unlock the true value in your process by enhancing quality. Make your customers happier by reducing product defects and time spent reworking errors.

Deliver New Capability

Open new markets by offering new capabilities. Making sure you have the right equipment can be tricky and expensive, from detailed specifications to smooth handover to operations we are here to support you every step of the way.

What is involved?

Production Support 56 can help you deliver your improvement projects by providing the skills, expertise and industry insight. Our focussed approach clear and defined structure.

  • Define - Clearly state the business case and aims of the project.
  • Measure - Map the process and gather relevant data.
  • Analyse - Evaluate current process performance and determine what’s needed to achieve the project goals. Potential solutions are screened and assessed.
  • Improve - Test and Implement best solution.
  • Control - Check that the solution continues to work. Create standards and control systems to ensure the change is sustained. Hand off and train all stakeholders.

Following this approach, our team has successfully delivered client projects bringing about ten million pounds worth of cost savings over the last ten years.

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