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Do you suffer with inconsistent materials?
Are you paying for higher quality materials than you need?
Are you unsure of the quality of your incoming raw materials?

A critical component of any manufacturing process is the choice of raw materials. Materials of poor or unknown quality have a huge impact on the quality and consistency of the finished product and can adversely affect the performance of your process. Inconsistent materials lead to equipment reliability issues and higher rates of product rework or scrap, all at a significant cost to the business. Like the quality of the water in your kettle or the type of tea used for your morning brew, the quality of the inputs means the difference between a good cuppa and a bad one!


Production Support 56 recognises the importance of raw materials, following the old adage of ‘Rubbish in-Rubbish out’. Our expertise lies in understanding the importance of materials. Poor consistency of materials can degrade process performance. Low quality materials can impact on the quality of in-process, semi-finished and finished goods. Poor quality control can lead to costly rework or scrap.


At the core of this understanding is the importance of using appropriate materials and adhering to a quality control plan with standard procedures to ensure product quality and consistency.


Production Support 56 provides a range of services aimed at developing, optimising and controlling the raw materials for your process.

  • Raw material, feedstock or component sourcing.
  • Review your current raw material quality control plans and procedures.
  • Validation of quality control plans, procedures and raw material specifications (RMS).
  • Screening study for checking batch consistency.
  • We have access to an international network of accredited chemical, physical and applications testing services for material evaluation.

  • Full characterisation of your raw materials.
  • Technical development of raw material specifications (RMS).
  • Review of current COSHH procedures.
  • Technical guidance for transport of hazardous materials by land sea or air (ADR, IMDG and IATA).
  • Expert guidance on handling, storage and packaging solutions.


  • Optimal raw materials quality.
  • Consistent raw materials.
  • Reduced re-work and scrap.

  • Deeper understanding of raw materials.
  • Added confidence about raw materials quality.


Managing Materials

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