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Be confident in your decision making with predictive computer modelling. A rapid, accurate and cost-effective tool to improve performance and productivity.

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Do you need clear and unbiased data to support investment decisions?
Do you want to de-risk your business growth plan?
Do you want to eliminate wastes?
Do you want to bring clarity to your processes and systems?
Do you want to accurately determine the cost of each business activity?


We create a computer model of your productive processes. This provides financial and operational insights into your current activities. The model provides foresight, by running predictive simulations to test multiple potential scenarios, giving you the confidence in your decision making.

For more information, check out this video or get in touch to arrange a free demonstration.


  • Provides clear and unbiased data to support good investment decisions.
  • Improves confidence in your business growth plans.
  • Enables you to identify improvement opportunities, and then determine the best solution.
  • Delivers a clear understanding of complex production processes.
  • Determines accurate cost of each business activity.

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The model is constructed from your data, providing you with accurate results. The framework is built from a process map of your operations, populated with your performance data and required resources for each step. This creates a dynamic representation of your business processes and generates time-based data for all activities. This means the simulation highlights fluctuations in productivity throughout the working day, for example it can identify peak demand. Using predictive simulation you can test potential changes without incurring additional cost. For example, you could run the model with a new shift pattern to determine the impact on cost and productivity.


Manufacturing simulation provides a  greater depth of analysis over static forms of modelling. The great thing about using specialist software is that you can create realistic models which includes the following descriptive features:

  • Dynamic. uses time as a variable, it models the changing behaviour of your operations throughout the day.
  • Layout. Plant layout can make or break a production line. Simulation software accounts for the distance between activities and how far resources have to travel.
  • Constraints. Results are more accurate than spreadsheets, as it accounts for limited resources. All processes are constrained by the availability of equipment, labour and tools. For example, if Jules is the only one who can set-up a press, then only one press can be set-up at a time.
  • Routing. Many operations  run multiple products, all requiring different activities and taking different times. The model manages multiple product types within the same simulation environment. This equally applies to services and systems.
  • Variation. All processes have random variation, such as materials, processing times and breakdown periods. Manufacturing simulation can model any type of variation.
  • Complex Interactions. It simulates complex interactions and process decisions, this ensures the model replicates real life performance.
  • Predictive Analytics. The model is constructed with real data. This allows decisions to be tested and evaluated in a predictive simulation. This is a low-cost, low-risk technique for testing production and business growth plans.


  • Our team has a strong process and operational background and are highly experienced at using manufacturing simulation to improve processes.
  • Our service is designed to provide businesses with accurate and reliable data to support good decision making.
  • We have a proven track record using manufacturing simulation to increase profits for SME’s in many different sectors.
  • With modern software and our expert help, creating the simulation is quick and easy, freeing your time to concentrate on evaluating, testing and optimising you processes.


Production support 56 can help you map your processes and create a simulation. It can be used to identify process improvement opportunities and provide you with certainty in your decision making. We have a streamlined service to give you the answers you want quickly:

  1. Initial meeting to understand your business needs and provide a free demonstration of our modelling service.
  2. Agree project scope and timeline.
  3. Site visit for data gathering.
  4. Construct manufacturing simulation of your operations.
  5. Review and validate simulation.
  6. Interrogate model by testing and evaluating decisions.
  7. Delivery of a detailed report, including key findings and recommendations.

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Manufacturing Simulation

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