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Manufacturing Simulation

Be confident in your decision making with computer modelling

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We create an accurate digital representation of your manufacturing facility and designs, powered with your data. The model provides financial and operational insight into your current set up, optimises your development plans, and can evaluate entirely new designs. The model can be repeatably used to test your ideas and gain foresight.

Manufacturing Simulation

What is Manufacturing Simulation?

Manufacturing Simulation is used to create an accurate and dynamic model of your production facility or engineering design. It is great for capturing and assessing your current set-up and all stages of the development process from concepts to detailed engineering. The model is constructed from individual elements which include activities, resources, materials, and layout to create a realistic representation of the process.

The model runs as a Discrete Event Simulation meaning that operations occur as a sequence of events in time. The model collects time-based data for each element such as, energy usage, labour content or materials consumed. This dynamic data gives incredibly powerful analytical capability to provide accurate insight and foresight into the process design.

The models’ parameters are user-defined, meaning multiple scenarios can be tested with a few clicks of a mouse. For example, you can see the consequence of changing vessel sizing, or pump speed. Rare occurrences, such as breakdowns, can be simulated by scripted events that are triggered by the user to demonstrate design resilience.

Production Support 56 were brought in late to the project and quickly produced an accurate simulation of our design which was run with the client historic production data. They proved the design met all our clients’ requirements and helped us optimise and removed significant costs. The client loved the model demonstration and subsequent what-if games.

Andy Aitken, Project engineer

What are the benefits of Manufacturing Simulation?

Better Decision Making

The model is constructed using real data and produces unbiased information to support evidence based decision making.

Build Confidence

See the future in action as the model brings the design to life, stakeholders can interrogate their business growth plans, building confidence and establishing consensus.

Quick and easy testing

The inbuilt analytics means improvement opportunities can be immediately identified and quantified. Potential solutions can be rapidly tested and evaluated.

Clear, Realistic and Accurate

The visual representation brings clarity to complex processes. It Includes the effects of variation, like seasonal demand, resulting in a realistic and accurate model.

Activity Based Costing

Uncover the true costs for all your activities, find the true value in your processes. Your model can be used to determine accurate costs, energy consumption or carbon footprint for each activity.

Uncover Hidden Risks

Avoid unnecessary stress and worry over critical decisions in advance by testing ideas through simulation.  Experimenting with your model uncovers hidden risks ahead of costly implementation not possible with static spreadsheet calculations.

What's involved?

Production Support 56 can support every stage of your project by creating a computer simulation of your manufacturing facility and design. The model can be used to provide insight into your current activities, optimise your development plans, or validate a new design. To create a simulation, we follow these steps:

  • Data collection - Create process maps and collate performance data of your facility or design. Collect historic production or sales forecasting data.
  • Model - Construct a bespoke computer model using state of the art manufacturing simulation software.
  • Validate & test - Run model with stakeholders to check validity. Run scenarios with stakeholders to interrogate and evaluate the design.
  • Report - We collate and report the models’ output, key findings with technical recommendations.

Our combined skills of computer modelling, process development and operational experience means that you get a model that behaves realistically to stress and interrogation.

See the power of manufacturing simulation for yourself