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Improving processes, adding value and delivering sustainable growth.

We help businesses improve their productive processes. We help to free up time, reduce costs, make more, make quicker and make less mistakes. Our focus is always on maximising profitability and enhancing customer satisfaction. We will help you achieve your goals with a service that's right for you.

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Simulation for Process Improvement

A rapid and cost-effective service which evaluates your production lines, identifies improvement opportunities and validates investment decisions.  Do you want to unlock the hidden value in your process, test your growth plans or identify solutions to improve performance?

Simulation for Factory Design

Create an accurate digital representation of your manufacturing facility or design powered by your data, to provide financial and operational insight. Do you want to optimise your facility, test new designs or get the answers to big questions fast.

Chemistry Solutions

Do you need help with material sourcing, process development or scientific research? Perhaps you have a specific technical query which needs a scientific answer. Our dedicated team of industrial process chemists are on hand to provide chemistry and manufacturing support when you need it most.

Process Improvement

Do you need extra expertise and resources to get your improvement projects completed quicker and effectively? We use elements of Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and Operations management tools to deliver practical, achievable and sustainable results direct to the factory floor.

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Who We Are

The collective efforts of James and Mike have saved small and medium sized businesses in excess of £10M over the last ten years. The key to their success stems from pursuing a deep understanding of how the business works, what it is trying to achieve and working out the steps to get there. They are true believers in data driven decision making, measuring the right things in the right way, and paying close attention to the detail. This relentless focus ensures Production Support 56 always deliver value to their clients.


Our small team brings you a wealth of skills and experience that you can utilise to help achieve your goals. Whether it is through systematic analysis of your production processes providing you with actionable insight, or additional resource for your project teams ensuring better results, we can help you succeed.

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So proud of what we’ve built Mike, and I respect you immensely for what you bring to the #goodtoglo table. Mostly a huge thank you for believing in my big ideas from the word go and going with

Ruth Sullivan, CEO and Founder
Good to Glo

Leveraging PS56s’ expertise in simulation allowed us to validate assumptions and make design improvements in the design phase, rather than having to make costly respective modifications post commissioning. Looking forward to future projects – Thanks for your efforts,

Adam Crenell, Lead Engineer

Mike was instrumental in producitonising the Metalysis R&D facility. He was able to identify weakness in the system and successfully put practices in place to solve

Nick Van Dijk R&D Manager

The assessment PS56 made of our production line has proved to be very useful and informative. Using the model to test various changes and seeing the impact before making the investment has helped us enormously, we will definitely be implementing the recommendations made by the team at

Tony Vardy Chief Executive Officer

Production Support 56 were brought in late to the project and quickly produced an accurate simulation of our design which was run with the client historic production data. They proved the design met all our clients’ requirements and helped us optimise and removed significant costs. The client loved the model demonstration and subsequent what-if

Andy Aitken, Project engineer
Production Support 56 have helped us create an accurate, visual representation of our production line. They have used our data and created a model to help us see where there are any restrictions or bottle-necks. We used this data to help us make value-adding decisions to improve the production process, saving valuable resources. The model

Rosie Knight, Financial Controller
The guys at PS56 made some cracking procedures which we use all the time especially with the new staff. It means I’m not on the shop floor every 10 minutes and I’ve got more time to deal with my big clients. They also helped smarten up the way we organise work so everybody knows what

Michael Musson, Managing Director
UK Container Repairs
We engaged PS56 as consultants as we were working with a number of clients needing specialist production support.  The modelling software enabled the businesses to make educated choices prior to undertaking costly production moves and also gave valuable supporting evidence for capex approval. The process was extremely well organised, it happened in a timely manner

Rachel Appleton, Food Sector Business Advisor
Production Support 56 delivered an engaging Lean Six Sigma training program for our staff at PPS Midlands across various teams in sales, production and finance. All the team members thoroughly enjoyed the course which gave each department a clear understanding of Lean concepts and a host of ready to use tools. The course was delivered

Steve Nicholson, Operations Director

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