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Chemistry Solutions

Understanding the science behind your process

We deliver scientific expertise to your businesses. Fine tuning your processes and removing knowledge gaps.

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Scientific understanding on Demand

All businesses come across a chemistry problem at some point and don’t always have the time, inclination or expertise to tackle it.


Sometimes it can be as simple as finding the best material or chemical best suited to your process, safe to use and environmentally sound. You may be experiencing inconsistent product quality and need to understand why?  The business could be looking to increase the scale of production, design and develop a new processes or need scientific research to validate products or aid marketing activities. This is where our team of experienced process chemists are on hand to assist you no matter how big or small the problem.

Scientific Research

Sometimes to solve a technical problem you need to do some digging. Our team of experienced scientist are used to this. They are never happier then when they are reading heavy technical manuals and scientific publications. They do the heavy reading to find the most practical solutions for your processes. The output of the research provides evidence based information so you can make the best decisions for your process and can be included in internal reports, training packs, or even utilised as marketing collateral such as blogs, articles and social media posts.

Sourcing Materials

With the current stresses on supply chains, finding alternative suppliers of materials is critical. Getting the right material can be difficult and not always possible, sometimes you may need to think outside the box and arrange for toll processing.


A critical component of any manufacturing process is the choice of the raw materials. Materials of poor or unknown quality have a massive impact on the quality and consistency of your finished products and can adversely affect the performance of your process. Inconsistent materials lead to equipment reliability issues and higher rates of product rework or scrap, all at a significant cost to the business.


Our team are dedicated to getting the right materials on time, on budget and with our extensive network of industrial partners we can assist you with all your material requirements.

  • Identifying and generating material specifications.
  • Material testing and evaluation.
  • Raw material sourcing.
  • Contract and toll processing services.

Process Development

As your business grows so should the process. Old processes equipment can become unsuitable, outdated or unusable. To get increases in plant efficiency, throughput or adding extra capacity, an understanding of the process parameters and which ones are important is critical to success.


In response to ever changing market conditions, the need to adapt and modernise is ever present. There is a constant threat of change whether to labour markets, evolving competitors, new regulations or customer tastes. This often means the addition of expensive equipment along with high risks of getting it wrong. Will the equipment do what the supplier promised, will the integration be quick and smooth, will is cause line balance issues, will it require additional resources to run efficiently, will it be a white elephant? However, getting it right could mean: better quality products, additional capacity or throughput, cheaper products, more flexible production lines and quicker lead times.


We provide a range specialist technical support to help you develop new or existing processes, scale up for increased throughput or modernise operations.

  • Process analysis
  • Plant & equipment selection
  • Equipment trials and evaluation
  • Factory and site acceptance testing
  • Commissioning and Procedure development

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So proud of what we’ve built Mike, and I respect you immensely for what you bring to the #goodtoglo table. Mostly a huge thank you for believing in my big ideas from the word go and going with it.

Ruth Sullivan, CEO and Founder
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What are the benefits?

Better Materials

Make your processes more reliable with better technical chemicals. We search the market to find the best technical chemicals for your process.

Quality Scientific Content

Get factual and reliable scientific understanding on your on your materials and processes  We research your topic, review the scientific literature, and create clear, consumable content.

Better Processes

We analyse your processes to find the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective and scale-up solution.

Hassle Free processing

Maximise supply chain value with reliable alternative routes and sources. We can also help put together a QC plan to keep control over your raw materials

Accurate Process Metrics

Creating useful KPI’s for production processes can be difficult. We can help make sure you are measuring the right things, in the right way, with the right equipment.

Better Material Handling

Moving chemicals around is a tricky business. We can help identify the right solutions for the transportation of hazardous chemicals and powders.

Why us?

The team at production support 56 consist of highly skilled process and industrial chemists with a firm background in scientific research and commercial application. Spanning several decades, we have completed projects across a variety of industrial sectors such as Food & Drink, Agriculture, Chemical process, metals processing and new tech demos for the development and scaling of both product and process.

Our skill sets means that we are able investigate your materials, processes and products at the micro scale and use this understanding to design, develop and scale a process which gives you the right product, with the right quality at the right cost.

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Whether you have a single based query which needs a scientific answer or need extra technical support with your process, get in touch to talk with one of our experts.

Uncover the Science in Your Process