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Case Studies – Production Support 56

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Our dedicated team have a single focus to add value to your business, helping you to make more, make quicker and make better. Over the last ten years our client projects have saved businesses in excess of 10 million pounds.

Increasing Laboratory Capacity & Throughput

  • Decreased Laboratory testing lead time by 86%.
  • Reduced operational costs by 20% year on year, 3 years consecutively.
  • Increased testing capacity by 80% without additional resources.
  • Levelled experimental process flow eliminating major bottlenecks.

Facilitating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

  • Supported the rollout of the company improvement program.
  • Provided Lean Six Sigma training across the business.
  • Reinforced a shared common language of process improvement.
  • Promoted innovation and idea generation using data driven decision making.

Standardising Work for Freight Container Repairs

  • Reduced errors and defect rates by 95%.
  • Saved 140 working hours per month, amounting to £7000 savings.
  • Reduced stress and freed up time for the directors.
  • Increased staff competency and confidence.

Testing & Validation of New Plant Design with Manufacturing Simulation

  • Confirmed plant design meets client’s specifications.
  • Identified ~£1million of capital savings.
  • Communicated new plant design to all stakeholders.
  • Allowed clients to test the new design.
  • Removed operational bottlenecks at design stage.

Supporting Investment Decisions with iMAP

  • Identified bottlenecks and solutions.
  • Balanced production flow.
  • Demonstrated an increased line output by 55%.
  • Verified that alternative working patterns increase output by 35%.
  • Calculated cost-benefit of new process equipment.

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