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About Production Support 56

Supporting Business, Improving Productivity

Our Approach

The collective efforts of James and Mike have saved small and medium sized businesses in excess of £10M over the last ten years. The key to their success stems from pursuing a deep understanding of how the business works, what it is trying to achieve and working out the steps to get there. They are true believers in data driven decision making, measuring the right things in the right way, and paying close attention to the detail. This relentless focus ensures Production Support 56 always deliver value to their clients.


Our small team brings you a wealth of skills and experience that you can utilise to help achieve your goals. Whether it is through systematic analysis of your production processes providing you with actionable insight, or additional resource for your project teams ensuring better results, we can help you succeed.

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Michael Stephenson

Operational design, Process Improvement, and Manufacturing modelling.

Mike excels in delivering operational improvements. He focusses on getting the operational design aligned with the business’s needs. He believes having the right processes, right systems, right people, right materials in the right place leads to increased performance and better efficiency.


Dr Michael Stephenson is a qualified Chemist and spent his career in Process Development, Process Improvement and Operational Design. Mike has been using Manufacturing Simulation and modelling to support engineering designs and business growth plans for the last 10 years. A dedicated and dependable professional with over 20 years’ experience in Manufacturing and Development, Mike is passionate about process improvement successfully driving sustainable business change through operational improvement. His knowledge and experience provides Mike the necessary skills to critically assess the current situation, brings clarity and vision for the future state through effective communication whilst ensuring the details are right. He is task focused, creative, flexible and driven by results and outcomes.

James Deane

Process Design, Lean Six Sigma Improvement and Process Development.

James excels in delivering world class processes, the cornerstone of Operational Excellence. Making sure Man, Machine, Material, Method and Environment are working to their full potential. With outstanding processes, you can outperform your competitors.


A Process Chemist and Six Sigma Black Belt with over 20 years experience developing and optimising both product and process, James has a wealth of experience in manufacturing and process development. He uses his analytical insight and technical knowledge to identify exactly where process value is located and importantly where process waste resides. James’ strength lays in developing processes that achieve high quality, reliable and consistent products. His projects have involve process design, product development, scale-up and process optimisation. He ensures projects meet both business and customer requirements and are completed swiftly with real, measurable and sustainable gains.

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