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Supporting Business, Improving Productivity


We like to start with the end in mind. What are you trying to achieve, what does the end goal look like? Then we look at where are you now? What is the current performance of your processes, what is your culture like, what resources do you have available? Finally, we map how do you get from where you are now to where you want to go? What is the best way to get there efficiently and effectively? How do we prevent things reverting back to the old ways? We use the appropriate methods to achieve your goals, these are taken from lean, six sigma methodologies. The delivery can be a mixture of training, coaching and hands-on support. It is important to us to get it right first time and make sure it stays fixed.


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We can help you with your process improvement projects, from planning to implementation.

  • Create a Process Improvement and Growth Plan. We will work with you to create a plan that is deliverable and will meet your business objectives.
  • Review and de-risk your plan. We can model and review your plan to ensure each stage builds on the last, and remove any ineffective activities. The aim is to reach your objectives in the most efficient low-risk manner.
  • Achieve internal agreement. Great project plans can be rejected because they are not understood by the decision makers. This is surprisingly common. We can help you communicate your plans effectively.
  • Deliver plan. Improvement plans generally need additional resources. We can provide you with the extra skills. We can help you with training, setting up projects, data analysis, implementation, and hand over.

Meet the Team

James and Mike have worked together on many Process Improvement and Growth Projects. Their success has come from understanding what they are trying to achieve and how to get there from the current situation. They have the talent for getting under the skin of processes, defining their purpose, how they work, how the elements interact and how they behave under stress. They have the technical skills to describe and measure processes, interrogate them and interpret the data. They understand the importance of communicating and collaborating with other departments. This is essential to ensure all stakeholders are involved and that the project is delivering their needs. Finally, they have the drive and skills to deliver a project.


James and Mike worked together for over 10 years at a new tech development company. Why are they called Production Support 56? They decided to keep their old department name as it clearly states their role, and that is to support production. The number 56 has a particular relevance to James and Mike as it was their cost centre, it seemed a shame to lose it.

Michael Stephenson

Background Operational design, Technology and Process improvement.


Summary: Mike excels in delivering Operational Excellence. He focusses on getting the operational design right to meet customer needs. He believes having the right processes, right systems, right people and right materials leads to better performance than the competitors.


Good operational design is critical to achieving Operational Excellence. Mike understands how people, process, material and systems interact to create outstanding operations. If you want your operations to be better than your competitors you need to optimise each component. Mike has consistently achieved outstanding results by developing the best process, people and systems. He has the proven ability to maximise operational performance within the constraints of the business. He starts with a clear vision of the future operational state and describes the performance in terms of capacity, cost, delivery times, flexibility, safety and reliability. He then develops a Process Improvement and Growth plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Mike is highly proficient in the use of Manufacturing Modelling to test growth plans and communicate them to stakeholders. He has the technical and people skills to implement, and the drive to deliver the plan. He also knows how to make sure the new standards stick.


Mike knows you cannot achieve great things on your own and so uses his people and organisational skills to get everybody contributing their best to the project. There is no operation without processes. Processes convert your raw material into valuable product. It is important that they are effective and efficient, but also that they are robust and consistent. Mike believes in building in quality and safety. If the process is intrinsically safe then there is less reliance on human elements. He uses his Six-Sigma black belt to ensure quality is built in. To keep operations running smoothly you need good systems and job design, so that everybody knows what they are doing, and what to do if they go wrong. Good systems sustain good quality product.


Skill sets: Operational design, Process improvement, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Modelling, Health and Safety, Process safety, Lean, Six Sigma, Systems, Quality.


Key successes include:


  1. Productionising an R&D facility by Standardising all activities, materials and measurements. Implemented simple and clear data capture systems. Produced standardised data and analysis packages for all experiments. Removed highly skilled technicians from routine work. On a 5 year cycle, reduced consumable costs by 20% each year. Reduced experimental delivery time from 3 weeks to 3 days. Significantly reduced variation.
  2. Designed and Implemented growth and process improvement plan for a new metal powder production route, from Pilot Plant (2 tpa) to Demonstrator Plant (200 tpa).
  3. Produced a fully configurable manufacturing simulation for commercial scale-up of new process. User defined product type, unit costs (geographic costs) and scale. Used as a virtual test bed to identify operational costs, labour requirements, material usage under different scenarios.

James Deane

Background: Process development, Process Improvement, Technology and Analytics.

Summary: James excels in delivering world class processes, this is the cornerstone of Operational Excellence. Making sure Man, Machine, Material, Method and Environment are working to their full potential. With outstanding processes, you can outperform your competitors.


James has a keen understanding of processes; he enjoys how a raw material can be transformed into a valuable product by the application of science and technology. He likes to understand how each input and control parameter effects product quality. He knows that to understand and control a process you need to measure the right things in the right way. He is never happier then when he is analysing good quality data to identify cause and effect. Though he does not like to admit it, he also enjoys trawling through poor quality data with the opportunity to identify sources of poor measurement and variation. His data analytical skills are excellent and validated by his Six-Sigma Black belt. His data and process skills combined with his breadth of industrial experience means he is the ideal person for process development and process improvement projects. His project work involves, setting up new processes, scaling-up processes, outsourcing processes and optimising old processes. All stages of the project are completed with a clear and concise technical report. These projects often highlight issues with raw materials and measurement systems, this has encouraged James to specialise in powder processing and measurement system analysis. James is systematic, analytical and a completer-finisher. He ensures projects fully meet the business and customer’s needs, are completed right first time. The project is not over until the new process has been handed over to operations along with all documentation, and fully integrated into the production line.


Skill sets: Process development, Process improvement, Product development & NPD, Lean, Six Sigma, Process trials, Health and Safety, Quality, Material processing, Materials handling, Material safety, Chemistry, Data analysis and Powder processing.


Key successes include:

  1. Design and installation of a granulation facility for an industrial SME. This resulted in a 62% reduction in operating costs, with a ROI of 89%, plus increased security of supply of raw material.
  2. Scale-up of critical raw material preparation process. Increased output by x15, reduced the processing time by 50%, tripled shelf-life and designed and implemented with full quality control and response system.
  3. Development and scale-up of a washing process. Combining traditional plant with bespoke design to increase batch capacity by x20, reduce water usage by 25%, and decrease cycle time by 75%.