Putting Science to the test: Technical Support for Start-Ups


  • Provision of a Chief Scientific Officer.
  • Created detailed technical assets, such as training packs and literature reviews.
  • Supplied technical expertise to the project team.
  • Produced marketing materials to promote the brand.


Good to Glo aim to revolutionise the way consumers and beauty professionals manage their allergy testing records by establishing a universal digital database accessible for consumers and beauty professionals. This will allow consumers and salons to safely manage and share allergy testing data. GTG are looking to reinforce this with reliable technical information supported with appropriate compliance training.


Good to Glo wanted to provide their clients with scientific facts and not the marketing hype.

So proud of what we’ve built Mike, and I respect you immensely for what you bring to the #goodtoglo table. Mostly a huge thank you for believing in my big ideas from the word go and going with it.

Ruth Sullivan, CEO and Founder
Good to Glo


  • Identify current compliance regulation: The current regulatory requirements and technical aspects of patch testing was unclear due to the high volume of inaccurate and misleading marketing information available in the public domain.


  • Provide technical figurehead: The business lacked a scientific lead, critically important when dealing with the detailed scientific and technical aspects of the business.


  • Literature and technical review: The business required technical reviews and summaries for internal understanding of the subject area, and a source of technical information for marketing collateral and training packs.

The Solution

Production Support 56 conducted a comprehensive literature review of all relevant compliance regulations and summarised these for internal consumption. PS56 reviewed the fundamental science behind allergies and the chemicals used in beauty treatments. This was used to generate internal reports and training packs for clients. PS56 also provided the Chief Scientific Officer for the business to give scientific leadership and technical support for product development and marketing purposes.

The Benefits

Scientific Figurehead

Fulfilled Chief Scientific Officer role within the business and provide scientific figurehead and credibility.

Technical Training Packs

Produced detailed technical but user-friendly training packs for clients.

Marketing Collateral

Produced and packaged scientific and technical knowhow to raise brand awareness for use in marketing activites

Technical Reviews

Demystified the science of the subject, producing simple and easy to read reviews based on scientific fact backed with credible evidence.

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