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Do you need new capability?
Do you want to add capacity?
Do you need support with developing procedures?

In response to ever changing market conditions, businesses have to continually adapt and modernise. There is a constant threat of change whether to labour markets, evolving competitors, new regulations or customer tastes. This often means the addition of expensive equipment along with high risks of getting it wrong. Will the equipment do what the supplier promised? will the integration be quick and smooth? will is cause line balance issues? will it require additional resources to run efficiently? will it be a white elephant? However, getting it right could mean: better quality services or products, additional capacity or throughput, cheaper services or products, more flexible production line and quicker lead times.


Before buying equipment, you should look at whether your existing process capacity or capability can be improved. If you think you need to install new equipment, then process modelling can provide valuable insight for its financial justification.


If you need to add new capability to your process but don’t have the skills, resource or space to do so, contract processing your materials is the best solution. Whether its single or repeated production campaigns, contract processing provides the flexibility to adjust your production requirements based on demand.


Production Support 56 can support you to make sure you buy the right equipment, quickly and smoothly install, commission and handover- in short, get you operational quickly.

We can provide the following help you get your investment up and running:

  • Specifying equipment.
  • Sourcing equipment.
  • Process modelling.
  • Trails and evaluation of equipment against customer specifications.
  • Factory acceptance testing and site acceptance testing.

  • Project management of installation.
  • Commissioning of equipment. Functionality tests, report and sign-off.
  • Procedure development.
  • Operator training and handover.

Sometimes it is more cost effective to arrange contract processing. We have an extended network of contract processing services specialising in the following areas:

  • Size reduction / Milling
  • Blending & Classification
  • Spray drying & Granulation

  • Formulation or reformulation
  • Drying
  • Packing


  • Equipment is fit for purpose.
  • Equipment is quickly up and running.
  • Maximise the benefits of new equipment.

  • Modernise plant.
  • Increase capacity.
  • Increase capability.


New Capabilities

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