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Training Excellence

Enhance your staff and create a problem solving culture

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We recognise that every business is unique with different needs and limitations. That’s why we have developed a flexible training framework, so we provide only the training you need in a way that you want. We have over 20 years practical and training experience using various process improvement techniques with a proven track record of reducing costs, improving quality and shortening delivery times.

Training Excellence

Process Improvement Methods

Lean Six Sigma is an incredibly powerful team-based business strategy for improving productivity and enhancing efficiency in a business. It is a combination of two effective continuous improvement methods.


Lean methodology offers a structured approach to eliminate or reduce non-value adding activities. Six Sigma is a data driven methodology which reduces variation and defects. The combination of these two business strategies are essential for advancing the journey of any businesses towards Operational Excellence.

Lean or Lean Manufacturing is a collection of tools designed to understand the true value a customer assigns to a product. The tools and techniques logically identifies and removes wasteful activities and inefficiencies, rooting out the underlying causes of unexpected problems. Fundamentally it is a mindset for improving product quality, boosting delivery times and reducing operational costs. Although the Lean approach was initially implemented for factories and productive processes, it can be equally applied to any service provision or office environment.

“the most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we don’t recognise”


Shigeo Shingo  – Toyota production system

Six Sigma is a fact based, data driven approach where the principal aim is to reduce variability and eliminate defects to ultimately improve product quality, delivery of service and reduce costs.


The Six sigma approach systematically quantifies a process in terms of its capability and performance, data drives the decision making on how to reduce variation and reduce defects to strive for a total quality process with near zero defects achieving a state of operational excellence.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”

H.James Harrington

Production Support 56 delivered an engaging Lean Six Sigma training program for our staff at PPS Midlands across various teams in sales, production and finance. All the team members thoroughly enjoyed the course which gave each department a clear understanding of Lean concepts and a host of ready to use tools.

The course was delivered very precisely with great enthusiasm and fun team working exercises which helped to demonstrate some of the trickier concepts of variation and inconsistency and how these can be improved using Lean and Six Sigma tools

Steve Nicholson, Operations Director

What are the benefits?

Better Problem Solvers

An increased capacity for shop floor problem solving, with the ability to identify and eliminate wasteful activities leading to reduced operational costs, shorter delivery times and increased product quality.

Safer Workers

Provides the skills to spot and remove waste in all its forms therefore fostering a safer working environment and promoting a positive behavioural safety culture.

Energised & Enthusiastic Staff

Generates purpose, drive and enthusiasm to meet both business and personal goals. It raises company standards towards operational excellence.

Successful Improvement Projects

Provides the internal skills to successfully deliver improvement projects.

Improved Team Working

The development of a common process improvement language which encourages teamwork and improves communication.

Extra Skills

An upskilled workforce enhances job satisfaction, boosts morale and produces happier staff, resulting in reduced staff turnover. Satisfies business objectives by providing relevant jobs skills and progressing staff development.

A Fresh Approach to Lean Six Sigma

Training takes the form of workshop style based learning where the theory is set in context with real world case study examples, interactive sessions and discussion, all designed to fully embed the learning.


Production support 56 provides a range of training packages to suit your needs. This can be project specific or to support enterprise level programmes.

  • Root cause analysis (RCA)
  • 5 whys problem solving.
  • 8 wastes identification and eradication
  • Process and Value steam mapping (VSM)
  • Quick turnaround (SMED)
  • Workplace organisation (5S)
  • Cause and effect analysis (Ishikawa) 6M’s
  • Measurement systems analysis (MSA)
  • Design of experiments (DOE)
  • Time management
  • Handling data – correlation and causation?
  • Failure mode & Effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Capability analysis
  • Statistical process control (SPC)

Lean Six-Sigma certification

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Applied Six Sigma – Workplace projects

The capacity for organisations to change, improve and grow, requires foremostly a customer focused strategy coupled with the right systems, culture and skills. Mastering these elements puts any business firmly on the road to operational excellence.


Simply put, it’s about being the best at what you do!


Investing in your staff gives your business the essential skills to stay ahead of the competition, maintains a happy and productive workforce and underpins your progression towards Operational Excellence.


Start your improvement journey