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Remove the guess work from your business decisions and unleash the potential of your process with our Intensive manufacturing assessment program

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iMAP is a rapid and cost-effective service specifically designed to bring immediate insight into your operations so you can make the best decisions for your business. It is a combined package of Computer Modelling, Process Improvement and Technical Expertise for assessing production lines, identifying improvement opportunities and validating investment decisions.


What is iMAP?

iMAP is designed to increase the profitability of your production line. It provides clear and accurate data on where to focus your efforts to win the biggest rewards.

To bring clarity to your process we construct a map of your production line in its current form. The map identifies how all activities and resources link together to generate value for your business. We bring the process map to life by converting it into a computer model as a digital copy of your process.


The models runs realistic scenarios of your production line and includes the normal variation your process experiences throughout the day. For example, equipment reliability, staff availability, the quality of your raw materials, seasonal demand or skill levels.


Your digital model generates data and performs analysis in real time. The information is used to identify quick and easy improvements drawing on our experts’ extensive technical experience and practical knowledge. Our assessment is used to make recommendations which will typically achieve a 5-10% increase in output at no cost, making your line more profitable.

The assessment PS56 made of our production line has proved to be very useful and informative. Using the model to test various changes and seeing the impact before making the investment has helped us enormously, we will definitely be implementing the recommendations made by the team at PS56
Tony Vardy Chief Executive Officer

What are the benefits of iMAP?

Rapid and Intensive

We know that your time is precious, iMAP is designed to deliver accurate and reliable insight in days rather than months, which means you can make reliable and informed decisions fast.

Intelligent Analysis

iMAP brings clarity and insight into complex processes, it helps you understand the impact of variability on your output and how increase the consistency of your production.

Balanced production

Identify and prove how best to balance your production line to optimise process flow, making the most out of your resources.

Makes Decisions Based on Facts not Guesses

Test any change or improvement and prove the value without any of the risks or costs of real-life experimentation. iMAP provides clear and unbiased information to support investment decisions to build stronger, clear-cut business cases.

Increase profitability with Lean Manufacturing

Our team have decades of experience across a variety of sectors adopting a practical, results driven approach, applying Lean manufacturing methodology to increase the profitability of your production.

Pinpoints Real Improvement Opportunities

The assessment identifies any weaknesses in your production line and together we provide solutions on the best ways to resolve them.

What is the iMAP process?

iMAP is a collaborative process where Production support 56 works with your team to identify real sustainable improvements. The programme consists of:

  • Consultation - An Initial meeting to understand the immediate needs of the business and long-term goals. For example, increasing throughput, adding capability like new product lines or upgrading existing equipment. The outcome will define the focus of the iMAP target for assessment and improvement.
  • Data Capture - Construct the map of the process, gathering all relevant data and information.
  • Simulate - Create and build the manufacturing simulation of your current process. Perform review of the current state model to validate its accuracy.
  • Discovery - Together with the client, we interrogate the model to identify inefficiencies and where simple gains may be found. Carry out predictive simulation testing on proposed changes or improvements to prove the value of the change. For example, new equipment, staff deployment, plant layout.

Unleash the potential of your process with iMAP