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The Latest Blog Posts from Production Support 56

Production scale-up: You’re gonna need a bigger bucket

Production scale-up is not always attained by chucking in more resources. You need to accurately understand what you are trying to achieve, find a sustainable solution, then thoroughly implement.

The Science of Choosing the Right Cut – Factors affecting Size reduction

In manufacturing size reduction of materials is possibly the most common activity, Whether its crushing ores in mining, grinding in food manufacturing or fine micronising in pharmaceutical or coatings industries, reducing the size of materials features everywhere.

Constraints in Manufacturing and Simulation: Panic in the airlock

Constraints are an important factor for manufacturing, process improvement and simulation. Constraints are what limit and shape your manufacturing process.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it

The importance of quantifying and evaluating various aspects of a process is essential, especially if you want to make meaningful improvements. But what does this really mean and how can we be sure the data is credible?

The Essentials of COSHH

Controlling the exposure chemicals in the workplace is not only essential but required by law under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, what we all know as COSHH.
Carrying out a COSHH assessment doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you follow a few simple steps.

Harnessing the power of process mapping to make brilliant simulations

The process map is also the perfect document for starting a factory simulation, it shows you how all the activities are linked together, the workflow and information flow.

What is a process? And the use of SIPOC diagrams.

So, what is a process? From the SIPOC diagram’s point of view it is the supplier and all the inputs that are required for a transformation, the conditions, and steps to undergo the transformation of the object, the product of the transformation and the customer.

Can your design meet the target capacity?

When designing a new factory, production line or manufacturing process, a critical measure of success is demonstrating that the shiny new design fits the brief.

The importance of cleanliness in manufacturing

Cleanliness in manufacturing is an important parameter, not only for hygiene reasons but for quality purposes as well. Hygiene is critical in food & drink, healthcare, beauty, and other service industries.

News- How to work less and achieve more

On the 12 September in Doncaster Michael Stephenson will be giving a workshop entitled “How to Work Less and Achieve More…” for My Network for Women

Decrease your non-conformances with the 80-20 rule

Sometimes there is too much to do, and it all gets a little overwhelming. Even after going through your list of jobs and weeding out all the non-important tasks, there is still too much to do. This is where the 80-20 rule or Pareto principle comes in. It states that 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your inputs.

Better Factory Designs with Manufacturing Simulation

You can model a manufacturing process at any stage. You can model a concept, a design, or an existing production line. At each stage there will be a different level of granularity. This is fine because you will be asking the simulation very different questions.

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